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Ready to advance your career? At US Mortgage Recruiters, we work for you, discreetly, and without compromise to your current job.

We'll never post your resume to a public website. We'll never provide your resume or any identifying information to potential employers without your specific authorized permission.

Our service gives you the opportunity to test the waters anonymously at no cost!

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In addition to high-volume producers, US Mortgage Recruiters also has pre-screened candidates available to fill MLO positions. Our pre-screening process identifies individuals with high aptitude and skill set.

All candidates have completed, or are in the process of completing, the SAFE 20 hour pre-licensing course. These candidates are also scheduled, or have already passed, the pre-licensing exam.

If you're looking for quality MLO candidates on a modest budget request a call from one of our recruiting specialist today!

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If you are in need of highly skilled mortgage personnel, contact our company today to find out how networking with US Mortgage Recruiters on a contingency agreement can help your business meet your staffing goals without breaking the bank.

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Are you a top producer in the mortgage business? If so, we have MANY clients who are interested in providing you an anonymous offer.

US Mortgage Recruiters works for you, completely discreet to protect your current employment from being compromised. We will never ask you to post your resume on a public site or provide your resume to any potential employer without your specific authorized permission. Our service allows you to test the waters anonymously at no cost.

We offer GUARANTEED income negotiations for a set period of time allowing you to walk away from an existing pipeline without fear of losing money while rebuilding in your new location. In fact, everything’s negotiable! Benefits, Salary, Bonus and even building a new office around you if that’s what you seek!

What’s your dream scenario? As they say, "Money Talks" and in the mortgage industry that translates in to production. If you can prove you are a top producer closing $10M or more per year, contact us at 844-547-5530!

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Are you interested in utilizing our services for finding and retaining a Top Producing MLO or other Highly Valued Compliance, Secondary Marketing, Analyst, Sales Management, Underwriting, Processing or Post Closing employee for your growing mortgage business?

For Mortgage Companies with a more modest budget for recruiting new MLO’s to their organization we do have new recruits available nationwide.

These candidates have been prescreened to be certain they meet the Safe Act requirements of an MLO. Employers can rest assured our new recruits have been prescreened to determine their aptitude and skill sets will easily transfer to the industry and that they are able to meet the minimum requirements for licensing as defined under the SAFE ACT.

For those looking for an instant boost in revenue, US Mortgage Recruiters also specializes in placing top producing self-sourced MLO’s with existing business.

At US Mortgage Recruiters we specialize in finding top talent and placing that talent with the top companies. For more information on how we can assist, contact us at 844-547-5530.

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We at US Mortgage Recruiters are continuously seeking Top Producing MLOs, Underwriters, Processors, Branch Managers, and other Mortgage Industry Professionals. Our Job Board lists some of the available positions we need to fill right now!

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US Mortgage Recruiters helps the Mortgage Industry's Top Talent anonymously obtain an offer from employers seeking top talent in their area of expertise.

For High Producing MLO’s who are considering making a move or are just curious what else is out there, US Mortgage Recruiters is the perfect spot to get an anonymous offer from a Top Company without having to provide your specific contact information to the employer. This allows you to shop the market without fear of your current employment situation being in jeopardy.

There is never a charge for our service to the candidate seeking other offers and you are under no obligation to accept any offer we are able to secure for you.

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Fill out our General Candidate Form and one of our Recruiting Specialists will contact you for a discreet personal conversation to find your Ultimate Scenario.

Here are some reasons to contact US Mortgage Recruiters today:

No matter the reason, fill out our General Candidate Information Form and we will assign a personal Recruiting Specialist to you.

Your personal information will not be shared with any company until you decide you are interested in pursuing an offer secured by your Recruiting Specialist. Keeping you anonymous and protecting your current and future employment is our top concern.

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